1) Time Efficiency 

It will save you so much time if you have a website maintenance contract in London. How? Well, you can just delegate the work to us. We have a team of developers and designers on hand, who can work on anything to do with your website. Doing it yourself could take you a lot longer because you might not have the right experience and you may not know the right processes for updating tier websites. So just save your time and work on your business; work on the things that you are passionate about within your business and offload the other bits to us.

2) Get in Line with New Technologies

If you have a website maintenance contract with us, you will get notified of any new technology that you should implement within your website. We are on the pulse, constantly looking for new ways to improve our clients' websites. For example, you can now install a Facebook Messenger tool onto your website. This tool would help you open conversation with your website visitors, thereby increasing your customer service to your target audience. This is something that didn't previously exist; it's quite a new function that we have implemented for our clients. So if you're on a maintenance contract with us, you can be assured that your website will be on the forefront of technology.

3) Delegate your Data Entry

Let's face it - Data entry is such a time consuming task. You could be spending hours just uploading new products, adding descriptions and prices, etc. Is it going to be worth it? Instead, let us handle it for you. 

We will be able to upload the data for you with ease. We also have an automatic script if you're using Web Smart, our own content management system. On websmart, we can just upload your Excel sheets manually and do the work for you.

Adding New Content and Pages to your Website:

If you need a new blog, or you need to add new team members to your 'about' page, or perhaps you've won an award recently so you need help with making the small changes - we can take that load off you. Even if it's a re-design of a page or just a slight programming tweak; just note them down and send them to our project manager and she'll schedule the tasks within your website maintenance allocation.

4) Bug Fixes

When we launch a new website we offer a thirty day guarantee to fix any bugs related to the site. Whether the issue is browser compatibility or a function that isn't working on a certain device; we cover that for thirty days. However, if you're on a website maintenance contract with us and you do notice anything after the thirty-day period, you don't have to worry as we will fix it at no extra charge at all.

Now remember, an inevitable part of a website, in it's lifespan they say on an average for ten thousand lines of code, you'll receive 5% bugs. Now most bugs aren't harmful for a website; you don't even see them, but occasionally they can conflict and can be seen as part of a user's journey. But rest assured, we make sure that our developers operate on a clean code and because we're working on our own content management system the possibility of finding bugs is quite slim. Also, because of the whole optimization process before the website is launched, majority of bugs are eliminated.

5) Updating your CMS

This doesn't apply if you have Web Smart. However, if you're on another CMS system such as Word Press or Wix or Drooper, or any of those, there's going to come a time where they may need updating. For instance, there may be some plug in's within Word Press that may have run out of date, creating a need to store a new plug in as a new feature that they've released and regularly updating it. Occasionally, if a plug in hasn't been updated it can conflict with other plug in's within your Word Press Sirte and so it's important that we do a review on your Word Press website quarterly just to make sure everything's in line. Security issues as well; without having these fixed on a regular basis it may actually lower the security on your website.

6) Server Downtime Monitoring

We host most of our websites on our UK-based server and partner, Rackspace. So, if one server goes down, you have a backup. We also provide 24/7 assistance as well. So, by any chance if your website happens to go down, you would just need to contact James or myself and we would get working directly with our partners to make sure that you get your website back up and running.

7) General Support

Having a website maintenance contract means that you can call up our project manager any time, speak to our developers first hand and just tell them what the issue is on your website. It just gives you piece of mind that there's somebody always at the end of the phone, where we're not outsourcing any of the work; it's all built in-house so you can speak to one of our developers and we can get the issue fixed on an urgent rate, if need be.

8) Keep your Website Fresh

You need to be constantly updating the content on your website. So, if you own a blog you need to be adding articles to your website. We can do that task for you. We can actually extract your article and upload it to your CMS, while making it look attractive by enhancing it psychologically and adding great images. All you need to do is send us that content. And if you already have an SEO contract with us, then don't worry; that already comes part of your package.

9) It Saves Money

The website maintenance package costs a thousand dirhams and you get five hours of design or development time within that. It's a 25% discount saving instead of just approaching it with ad hoc hours. Make sure that you know, within the year it's inevitable that you're going to want to change items on your website. So, by having a maintenance contract with us in place, you are going to be saving a lot of money over the year.

10) Fast Turnaround

With our developers having combined experience of 10 years + in HTML, PHP & other web development languages, they'll be able to enact your changes with ease. If it's a minor change, we usually conduct the changes within 24 hours. If they are major changes, we will place the work in our project pipeline, i.e. if you requested the change on a Wednesday, we'd plan it in within the following weeks workload. Our Project Manager will keep you up to date on progress, so you can be sure of a swift delivery. Of course, the more urgent the task in question, (i.e. if your website is offline or there's a major bug that is hindering the website's performance) we will ensure an even faster turn around.

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Laura Pardoe

Managing Partner
As co-founder of Grow, Laura holds both Digital Marketing Director and Head of Happiness responsibilities. She is constantly mentoring the team in the latest digital strategies and her top priority is achieving team happiness through a positive company culture.

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