Building shops in the sky for customer convenience

BY kashif December 15 2015

.Merchants pay close attention to each and every outlet they own, but most businessmen underestimate a significant outlet that costs relatively nothing compared to its ROI. The outlet we are talking about generates business regardless of time zone, area or season; without staff and free from overheads and the limiting constraints of opening hours: we are, of course, talking about the online outlet.

Your company is online, but are your products?

If you don't have a website, your business is viewed as archaic and inconvenient; everyone knows that if you want to be taken seriously as a business, you need to be online. But this also means that having a website is no longer a step ahead of the competition; we have to then look down other avenues to figure out how you can make your website supersede those of your competitors'. What can you offer that they don't?

People often think that a good-looking website is all they can get out of the internet age, but that's only the tip of the iceberg; there is so much potential online these days, and endless possibilities. Technology expands marketing options; masters customer convenience, and can mimic even surpass  a store experience when it is executed correctly.

What is the point of your website?

Why do you even have it? Is it for your company, for the staff members to use? Or is it just, simply, there?

A website is made, first and foremost, as a convenience to your customer. It holds all the information they could possibly need and acts as a form of communication between you and them. So if it's for a customer's convenience, how can we make things even more convenient for them? Yes, they have found information about you, but is your job to hand out information, or to sell something?

If you offer a service or product, the next logical step is to put that online. Open a store in the sky and watch the revenue flood in, without your overheads! After all, users nowadays like to browse before they buy, and if it isn't convenient for them to walk to the store, don't make them! Let them order from their computer at home where they are cosy, happy and comfy.

Convenience is key

Ecommerce is not a fad or a trend; it's simply a convenience. As we reduce the steps a customer must take to obtain an item, we serve a much greater chance of gaining a loyal, returning customer; just as a helpful salesperson would bring about customer loyalty.

It also undeniably benefits you: displaying your full food menu or clothing catalogue on the website with beautiful images, alongside the correct call-to-action, can turn a customer's want into a need. Let's face it, the product has to be phenomenal to make a customer go out and buy it straight away, but with Ecommerce it is so much easier.

Customers love to see technology integrated with customer services; it offers a better experience, with streamlined ordering through an online checkout system that bypasses all the queues. At Grow we develop checkout services on websites, smartphones and across social media platforms, thereby maximising its application - and your revenue, too.

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